Exercise program development and prescription, Basic nutrition and Anatomy.

There are no CEU requirments for this NHE program.

Online study course.

125 [Multiple choice, true or false, short essay style] One and a half hours time limit.


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2 year validation.

One (1) re-take at no cost.


NHE Fitness Advisor

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This credential exam is used to verify the knowledge level of those seeking to become an NHE Fitness Advisor. Must possess a minimum of two (2) years personal exercise experience involving free weights, cardiovascular machines and circuit training. The educational format of this credential program is online. It is designed to prepare individuals seeking to become professional online fitness advisors (or online fitness instructors). This credential program provides over 500 exercise GIF images, exercise program layouts and an exercise science and nutrition curriculum. Each student is required to receive a satisfactory score of 80% or higher to receive an NHE Fitness Advisor Credential identification number and badge.

How to enroll:
To become an NHE Fitness Advisor, please contact your local NHE Fitness Advisor Credential Reseller.