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SIEP - EST. 2000; merged with NHE 2005; merged with NCGIG in 2016; present day NHE Global.

NHE Global is an American owned and operated, online fitness and wellness organization. We offer fitness, nutrition and academic services in the fields of scientific principles of exercise physiology, nutritional consultation, weight management, exercise program development, rehabilitation procedures, fitness appraisal and evaluation techniques, functional anatomy and kinesiology, and risk-factor identification. Our fitness and wellness service providers are among the most competent, knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the fitness industry. Proudly serving the U.S., Europe, China, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Japan and Canada.

The styling of our site remains as it did upon inception. Although all NHE instructional programs are online, accessible via a mobile device or desktop app, the overall website and homepage remain virtually unchanged. We are proud to present a vintage looking site, containing present day fitness and wellness concepts. When viewing the content and services of many other fitness sites, you may notice their presence is the other way around. Modern site, but vintage fitness and exercise concepts. Essentially, broadcasting the very same fitness practices and techniques that were introduced by the industry thirty, forty years ago. With the exception of many present-day OS/Platform coding upgrades, our site has essentially maintained its original visual format over the years (Yes millennials, this is what websites looked like before you were born!). Mainly, because our viewers are intelligent people who want to learn. They are not here to be entertained. They actually enjoy reading and don't frown upon 500 word pages as if reading is some sort of punishment. They do not require a ‘dog and pony’ show to stay engaged for a period exceeding three minutes. They don't require pictures of smiling people pretending to be engaged in physical activity, bright colored moving banners or big letter font to comprehend website content. You won't find pictures of students gleefully proclaiming to have just aced the exam or touting immediate employment success as newbie fitness professionals. Nor will you find 'before and after' photos of clients protesting extraordinary weight loss in just a few weeks. Here, you will only find the realities of fitness. Whether you are a professional or a consumer, we will not create any illusions as to what's in store for you or what you can realistically expect to gain or lose. 

The CEO Pledge: As a valued NHE client, you will never have to work with a service provider who is incompetent, unethical, over-valued or unambiguously dumb. Furthermore, you will never receive a fitness program containing elements that are perceivably precarious, unnecessary, obsolete or dangerous.

Our recruitment protocols are beyond stringent. Whether a job candidate possesses a personal trainer certification or received his/her degree in exercise science 15 years ago, everyone must prove present day knowledge and exemplary professionalism to be employed at NHE. We have hired over 1,500 service providers since 2005. During that same time period, we have also interviewed and denied employment to over 3,000 resume/CV submitters. Another 30,000 resumes were rejected outright, deemed under-qualified despite the presence of a professional fitness credential or a variant of fitness work experience.

If you have doubts regarding your trainer's professional capabilities or have ever wondered if the money you are spending is truly granting you access to the best available fitness services, re-consider your strategy. Try one of our wellness programs. NHE service providers are smart, mature and each possesses a verifiable health educator background. I personally vouch for the expertise and professionalism of all NHE service providers. That is how confident I am in our recruitment protocol, which is responsible for our exceptional network of fitness professionals. Moreover, I am eager for everyone to try our exciting brand of multi-service weight management solutions (Health Panel Wellness). An evolutionary system that took us over 4 years to develop. This latest NHE weight management system will be like nothing you have ever experienced before. After 35 years in the fitness industry, I have seen them all. Inquire with your local IAAM for complete HPW program details.

- J.W. CEO
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