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If you are working directly with (or have been contacted by) an NHE manager/managing director/supervisor or NHE department head, you may also submit your resume directly to that particular individual via his/her email address.
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In addition to this online resume form, you must also submit proof of professional sales success. Proof requires the submittal of two (2) documents relating to sales volume compensation (e.g. copy of paycheck with itemized sales compensation). One document must be within two (2) months of resume date. The second document must be between twelve (12) months and sixteen (16) months from the date of the first document. If you are submitting paystub or paycheck copies, PLEASE REDACT ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION FROM COPY BEFORE SUBMITTING TO NHE (e.g. social, tax ID, driver licence, etc.) All copies must contain your full name and address.
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