NHE Recruitment Process Page
Recruitment stages reserved for pre-screened resumes only. 
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Stage 1) Read job title.

Stage 2) Submit your MTC Associate Number (MTCAN) to an HR Team Member. 
[All sales positions exempt]

Stage 3) Schedule New Hire Video Conference (NHVC)
This new hire requirement consists of a person-to-person meeting (30-45 minute video recruitment conference; Skype, Zoom or HireVue) involving all pre-hire procedures, credential verification (per requirement), associate page development, affiliate location approval/allocation (if applicable), protocols and/or logistical confirmation(s). Any/All required credentials are verified via reference number(s) and contact person/institution. All HR file questions/concerns are addressed and amended.
[The Knowledge Acquisition and Retention Promise made to all NHE Clients]

Wellness expertise is what we sell at NHE. Promoting and selling professional fitness expertise is at the core of the NHE wellness service business model. Job candidate expertise is our primary interest in relation to expanding the NHE fitness professional network. All NHE wellness and fitness service pricing is based on the level of expertise provided.

The NHE recruitment protocol focuses exclusively on professional and academic expertise. ​To be considered for employment, you must prove you once acquired knowledge (e.g. college degree or certification). To be employed, you must prove you have retained that knowledge. Those possessing little to no professional or academic fitness expertise are advised not to initiate the NHE recruitment protocol for an open NHE position.

NHE MTC [Expertise Exam] (Allotted 3 hours-Administered on weekends only)
All HR exam requirements are administered free of charge. Performing minimally reassures NHE affiliate members and wellness clients that all NHE service providers share similar fitness and health beliefs, in addition to application practice commonalities. NHE must be assured that all new hires currently possess a factually-based comprehension of fitness, health or nutrition regardless of past academic achievements. There is a four week administration timeline.

NHE Job Candidate Selection Process

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​​NHE Recruitment Process

No required fees, memberships, certifications or costs.
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