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NHE Candidate Selection Process - (Pertains to all positions except sales job titles)
Candidate Selection Process

Because the entire NHE recruitment process is online, our hiring practices are actionable, not merely political appeasements. Demographic diversity is essential to organizations that provide wellness services to communities of varying lifestyles and traditions. Within NHE management, there exists no personal biases or prejudices. No one is denied employment because he/she is Black, Mexican, Asian, White, Gay, Muslim, Transgender, Disabled or over the age of fifty. Heck, we don't even care if you are tattooed, pierced out or if your hair is dyed green. As long as you're ethical, smart and hard working, you're good. Additionally, since all positions are online (work from home), any possible personal biases or prejudices of co-employees remain non-issues. No one's ability to perform well at his/her job will hinder as a direct or indirect result of someone else's presence (e.g. sexual harassment).

Candidates for employment are valued in relation to a recruitment based data structure and algorithm score (learn more). The composition of which includes an individual’s resume/CV, social media presence, criminal record and various other public background data sources. On occasion, candidates possessing a favorable algorithm score have proven to be under-qualified for any NHE job title, therefore, additional vetting is required. Furthermore, in recognition of the doctrine of negligent hiring and other professional liability concerns, NHE extends its recruitment protocol beyond the industry standard. 

How open positions are assigned:

A) Each position has a quota. Once the hiring quota has been achieved, the position is closed.

B) We incorporate our master trainer certification exam into our vetting protocol. The NHE Master Trainer Certification exam is designed to distinguish wellness professionals who have achieved a professional level of fitness and/or nutrition expertise. Modified for recruitment vetting, this exam has proven to be an exceptional means of assessing the professionalism of all job candidates. As such, it is utilized in lieu of a traditional interview. Additionally, exam results are marketed and become part of NHE's service packaging

C) Hiring Decision: Candidate must achieve the minimum score required of the position (MTC exam) and provide one nonfamilial reference or verifiable document for each component of his/her stated expertise. 

[The Knowledge Acquisition and Retention Promise made to all NHE Clients]

Wellness expertise is what we sell at NHE. Promoting and selling professional fitness expertise is at the core of the NHE wellness service business model. Job candidate expertise is our primary interest in relation to expanding the NHE fitness professional network. All NHE wellness and fitness service pricing is based on the level of expertise provided.

The NHE recruitment protocol focuses exclusively on professional and academic expertise. ​To be considered for employment, you must prove you once acquired knowledge (e.g. college degree or certification). To be employed, you must prove you have retained that knowledge. Those possessing little to no professional or academic fitness expertise are advised not to initiate the NHE recruitment protocol for an open NHE position.

NHE Master Trainer Certification Exam- [Expertise Exam] (Allotted 3 hours)
All exams are administered free of charge. Performing minimally reassures NHE affiliate members and wellness clients that all NHE service providers share similar fitness and health beliefs, in addition to application practice commonalities. NHE must be assured that all new hires currently possess an accurate comprehension of fitness, health and nutrition regardless of past academic achievements.
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