What is an FCA Proctor?
An FCA Proctor is a verified location (fitness facility) where NHE credentials are recognized, accepted, promoted and hosted.

Why does this program exist?
The sole purpose of the NHE Verified Location Program is to expand the recognition of NHE credentials. As a professional courtesy, each participating health/fitness facility is granted unlimited access to four (4) NHE fitness credential programs, including access to the NHE PFMP with associated templates, for a one-time annual fee.

Which four NHE certification programs are available?
View complete program details.

What is the cost?
$500 (five-hundred dollars) for a 12 (twelve) month period. This cost includes unlimited study guides and unlimited certification exams for up to 100 examinees, including all exam re-takes, if necessary.

How To Become an NHE FCA Proctor Location.
Please complete and submit the proctor application forms. Please allow 3 business days for processing.

FCA Proctor Application Form 1
FCA Proctor Application Form 2