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NHE was founded in Orange County, California. NHE is the first online based, American wellness organization. As of 2018, we have eliminated all brick and mortar operations and therefore, have achieved carbon neutrality. With the advancements and commonality of today's Internet/mobile devices, all NHE services can now be offered, developed and supported online. Additionally, by eliminating all geographical restrictions, we have expanded our ability to attract a worldwide spectrum of qualified fitness and health professionals from around the globe. NHE aims to be a leader in forward thinking fitness and health services, supported by a technologically advanced network of qualified professionals. The NHE business model will continually adapt to current trends in operational logistics, B2B communications and customer relations services (B2C).

NHE Wellness Services
We offer fitness, nutrition and academic services in the fields of scientific principles of exercise physiology, nutritional consultation, weight management, exercise program development, rehabilitation procedures, fitness appraisal and evaluation techniques, functional anatomy and kinesiology, and risk-factor identification. Our fitness service providers are among the most competent, knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the fitness industry. Proudly serving the U.S., Europe, China, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Japan and Canada.

NHE Professional Credentials
Our members have applied their knowledge, training, dedication and passion in pulmonary physiology, health promotion, exercise science and nutrition to help generate healthier lifestyles for their patients, clients, family members and associates. As an organization, we are dedicated to improving the professional standards of the fitness industry by making it more challenging for fitness professionals to acquire a professional credential. Working in a wide range of fitness specialties, our members are committed to the treatment and prevention of obesity and the advancement of exercise science, nutrition and wellness. Our focus is to expand the knowledge base of those who enroll in our certification programs beyond the status quo. To ensure we certify only those with a true understanding of health and fitness, we administer advanced certification exams designed to challenge each student's comprehension of nutrition, exercise science and American health.

NHE Online
NHE is one of a handful of fitness companies with a 97% or greater cloud managed infrastructure, more commonly referred to as a 'virtual' company (ForbesCNBC). Because we are exclusively online, it is important that we consider the many different forms of online media platforms, predominately social media. NHE maintains several online media management protocols to help us monitor the vastness of the Internet, in particular, each global differentiation including language dialects and regional regulatory concerns. Additionally, we periodically consult with various SEO organizations in relation to Internet behaviorism, as their expertise in optimization grants them unique insight. Those particular consultations enable us to better comprehend social media trends and the evolving ways in which our customers are engaging online and utilizing various portals to express their thoughts and experiences. Feel free to browse through some of the content offered here or absorb the entirety of it periodically, over time. If your goal is to learn as much as you can about NHE and how we manage a global, cloud based fitness organization, then the contents of this page are a good start. 

Since our inception, our global aspirations have included the desire to comprehend how the world perceives and embraces health and fitness. With strategically launched social media platform campaigns, we are able to interact with different parts of the world in different ways simultaneously. Unlike most organizations that maintain one Facebook page, one Twitter account and so on, NHE maintains dozens. We have found value in both strategic social platform diversity, as well as, diversity within individual platform content distribution. Additionally, we can better gauge how different regions interact with similar information via our own internal assessment strategies rather than those offered by each individual social media company. NHE has a combined 100,000 plus, social media follower base. Split up into 9 Facebook pages, 15 Twitter pages and dozens of other social media platforms in 12 different countries, we are well positioned to develop a better comprehension of global wellness trends and interests; e.g. Twitter #07,  Twitter #21 

​Our organization is one of a few authorized by Facebook to utilize its initialism as its sole Facebook page name. Unlike many for profit organizations, we do not utilize our social media pages to self-promote, market or sell products and services. We believe the original concepts of social media centered around the general idea of societal enrichment, not personal enrichment or to boost company profits. Most social media pages are all about selling and promoting. Whereas, we believe these platforms can better serve visitors by constantly reminding each to eat well, live well and to remain conscious of proper wellness for themselves and their loved ones.

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