Expertise Scale - Qualitative Analysis  (Updated 2022 version)

Vetting Parameters:

Recruitment has evolved. If your company is considering individuals for specific duties within your wellness organization via a traditional hiring protocol, you may be missing essential data relative to production, sustainability and quality. NHE maintains the largest wellness professional database of any health organization in the United States. We have evaluated and analyzed thousands of fitness and wellness professionals. If your expansion includes wellness, fitness or nutritional services, we can recommend a suitable list of individuals. Individuals whose expertise and professionalism are at the same level of the job requirements and perhaps equally as important, the compensation. Through qualitative analysis, we can ensure you do not hire someone who is under-qualified for the job and compensation. Finding the perfect match is the key to work production, project successes and improved employee retention rates.

Key Points:

1) NHE Fitness Advisors provide professional consultation and fact based analysis to consumers seeking wellness solutions in relation to exercise program development, nutrition, sports conditioning, physical rehabilitation and general personal fitness.

2) All NHE Fitness Advisors have a minimum of two (2) years’ experience in a specific professional field and/or academic specialty (e.g. Exercise science/physiology)

3) Fitness advisory services can be offered in a variety of methods (e.g. phone, SMS/MMS, IM, VoIP or video conference).

4) Fitness advisory services may be resold at any price. Suggested retail value per query plan:

1 Query at $75
10 Queries at $700
50 Queries at $3,250 

5) Query Plans have a one (1) year expiration date.

Fitness Advisory Service Price: 

$50 per fitness program (Separate from affiliate membership cost)

NHE Affiliate Membership Types:

Silver Membership [NHE Credential Programs Only] 

Gold Membership [NHE Credential Programs, Fitness Advisory Services] 

Platinum Membership [NHE Credential Programs, Physical Wellness Consultants, PFMS Services, ECI Services] 

Services available only to NHE Affiliate members. Please consult your local independent affiliate account manager for membership pricing and signup protocol. Memberships are not sold online. NHE Affiliate Memberships are for-profit, bilateral fitness service agreements. NHE Affiliate Memberships provide members with access to NHE services for the primary purpose of profiting from the sale/marketing of applicable service(s). All NHE services are fully operated and managed by NHE.