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About the Fitness Advisor Credential.
A fitness advisor is proficient in weight and lifestyle management, cardiovascular and resistance exercise program development, stretching techniques/application and basic nutrition. Similar to an NHE Level 2 Certified Personal Trainer, a certified fitness advisor offers services relating to exercise program development, exercise prescription and cardiovascular instruction. A certified fitness advisor offers services exclusively online.

How to Get Certified. You must possess the following professional expertise.

Required Professional Expertise:
Exercise program development.
Exercise program assessment.
Flexibility techniques.

To become an NHE Certified Fitness advisor, you must successfully pass the NHE Level 2 Personal Trainer Exam. Once passed, your NHE Certified Fitness Advisor Credential Badge with ID# will be processed within (2) business days. 

How the Fitness Advisor differs from a Personal Trainer
Unlike a fitness program administered by a local personal trainer, the fitness advisor is not in the presence of the client during exercise. NHE Fitness Advisors offer online fitness services. To ensure the client understands exercise fundamentals (e.g. technique, equipment identification, applied kinesiology), all programs are administered via several different apps and operating devices. The client is provided with everything he/she needs to comprehend all facets of the exercise program, ensuring program success. 

What do I need to offer fitness services online as an NHE Certified Fitness Advisor?
The most popular method of client acquisition is via a social media page or channel. Per sign up, each client completes a profile form. The profile is evaluated by the fitness advisor and in accordance, designs an appropriate fitness regimen for the client to execute as prescribed.

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