An NHE Authorized Reseller is a wellness professional (e.g. fitness, health, nutrition) who sells an NHE product or service as an independent business entity (e.g. sole proprietor). Resellers are not employed by NHE. NHE Resellers pay a one-time reseller's fee for exclusive rights to sell an NHE product or service under the conditions setforth via a term limited NHE Reseller's Agreement. Upon approval into the reseller program, resellers are authorized to sell an NHE product or service for profit purposes only. The profit retention margin for all authorized resellers is fixed at one-hundred percent (100%). The NHE Reseller Program is not an MLM, network marketing or profit sharing business opportunity. It is a stand alone, independent business entity offered exclusively to fitness professionals with home-based business aspirations. A fitness professional is considered to be an individual who possesses an exercise science, personal trainer or sports conditioning professional background. The possession of a professional credential/certificate is not a requirement for the NHE Authorized Reseller Program. There is a one-time reseller fee of nine-hundred and seventy dollars ($970). A reseller agreement is valid for one year. An NHE reseller agreement may be renewed each year thereafter for the same price as the preceding contract. The one-time fee is for unlimited credential/service sales and support (credential processing, exam administration and study materials for each reseller customer). There are no cap limits or minimum sales requirements associated to a reseller's termed agreement. Each reseller possesses the freedom to incorporate any number of proven online social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) in which to advertise and sell the NHE product or service stipulated therein.

How much does an NHE Fitness Advisor Credential Reseller earn per year?
Fitness Advisor Credential Resellers sell NHE Fitness Advisor credentials. Income is dependent on sales volume. An NHE Fitness Advisor credential sells for $225. Resellers earn 100% of all sales revenues. As an authorized reseller, no percentage of proceeds from sales is forfeited to NHE (e.g. Ten fitness advisor credential program sales a month would net $2,250.00 for the reseller).

How do resellers sell fitness advisor credentials to people wanting to become NHE Fitness Advisors?
Fitness advisory is typically offered as an online fitness service, as a more convenient and less expensive solution to personal training for both the service provider and the client. Fitness advisory services are similar to those services offered by certified personal trainers. Fitness advisors provide weight management consultations, exercise program prescriptions, basic nutrition consultation (inquire locally for associated state requirements) and sports specific training.

Most resellers market and sell the credential program online. There are many social media platforms from which resellers do this (e.g. Facebook page, LinkedIn Groups, YouTube channel, Instagram). NHE does not provide sales or marketing consultation to resellers or to those considering becoming an NHE Reseller. If one is unaware of the scope of online fitness services and/or the means in which online fitness services are promoted and sold, the NHE Fitness Advisor Credential Reseller program may not be a suitable home business.

What type of support does NHE provide to resellers?

NHE Online Credential Order Form
This is the order form used by the reseller's customers to order the Fitness Advisor Credential Program. As  the reseller, your customers are directed to the NHE website to place their order. The online order form is standard for all reseller customers. Once a reseller receives an order, it is the responsibility of the reseller to process the customer's credit card. All credential program orders are processed by the reseller. All sales revenue is deposited directly into the reseller's bank account. The ability to process credit cards is a requirement of all resellers. Upon processing the customer's order, the funds are deposited directly into the reseller's bank account. NHE provides all resellers access to the online NHE Fitness Advisor Program order form, enabling a seamless purchasing process for all reseller customers. Although the processing of credit cards is the responsibility of the reseller, the remaining program particulars (in terms of providing credential protocol instructions, online study materials, exam and credential administration) are handled by NHE. The reseller is not involved in credential program protocol, exam administration and processing,  or furnishing of fitness advisor credentials. See 'How to be an Authorized NHE Reseller - The step by step process' below to learn more.
NHE Authorized Reseller (Fitness Advisor Credential)
To become an authorized NHE Reseller click here: Reseller Agreement

To learn more about how the reseller program works: 'The step by step process' - How to be an Authorized NHE Reseller.

To submit questions relating to becoming an authorized NHE Reseller: [email protected]

NHE Authorized Reseller: Overview
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