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NHE Recruitment Process
How We Select Our Service Providers (employees/independent contractors)

Stage 1: Resume or CV.
Your professional resume must be submitted directly to NHE or via a major job resume company. A CV may be submitted at any time.

Stage 2:  Preliminary Interview (10-20 minutes).
To be considered for an NHE job position, a candidate must possess at least one of the following attributes:

- A four year or post graduate college degree (e.g. exercise science/physiology; kinesiology; sports medicine)
- Successful fitness accomplishment (e.g. amateur bodybuilder, fitness/endurance competitor; collegiate athlete)
- Successful career accomplishment (e.g. fitness trainer, athletic trainer, nutritional consultant, clinician, tenured professor; professional athlete; published fitness/health author, professional bodybuilder)

Stage 3:  NHE Master Trainer Certification Exam- [Expertise Exam] (Allotted 3 hours).
All exams are administered free of charge. Any NHE employee associated with evaluating, processing, developing, managing, proctoring or instructing an NHE certification program, or providing consultation, advice or instruction relating to an NHE certification program, is required to take the NHE Master Trainer Certification Exam. Performing minimally, in accordance to our new hire expertise standards, reassures our affiliate members that your fitness and health beliefs, comprehension and application practices adhere to the NHE Valuation Protocol. Additionally, NHE must be assured that you currently possess an accurate comprehension of fitness, health and nutrition. A retake exam may be considered under certain conditions, but consideration is not guaranteed. Unless authorized by an NHE hiring manager, all exams must be administered within thirty (30) days. The thirty day time period begins on the day the exam registration link and password is provided.

Stage 4: NHE Professional Code of Conduct Questionnaire [PCC] (Approximately 90 minutes).
The PCC is another recruitment tool utilized to help NHE ascertain a candidate's level of professionalism. It is a probability analysis focusing exclusively on professional conduct, professional ethics, behaviorism and ambition.

Stage 5: Final Tier Consultation (new hires only)- 2 options available (2 hours).
1) Physical location: Marriott Resort- 50 Enterprise, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656. Saturdays only, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm only.
2) Virtual: For U.S. residents outside the Southern California area or living abroad. All virtual set-up fees are paid by NHE.

Telecommunication Options:

All qualified job candidates are afforded an equal opportunity to complete the NHE recruitment process. NHE reserves the right to rescind any job offer type, at any time, in the event a candidate has raised a professional, ethical or academic cause for concern. At no time is anyone guaranteed employment prior to the receipt of an official NHE job offer letter via U.S.P.S.

Resume Extraction Form
Recruitment Process
Human Resources Department

Due to an overwhelming interest for WFH fitness/wellness positions, the NHE recruitment process has been standardized. This recruitment process helps ensure only qualified job candidates receive employment consideration. Associated links appear in blue font color.

1) Resume or CV
A resume or CV must contain relevant professional experience or relevant courses of academic study. NHE does not offer 'No Experience Necessary' or 'Entry Level' career opportunities.

2) Online Preliminary Interview
An initial assessment of your professional expertise.

3) Expertise Exam  (MTC Exam)
No required fees or travel requirements. For job candidates, employees and independent contractors, the MTC exam is administered online. The MTC (empl. version) for job candidates contains 230 exercise science and nutrition based questions. All NHE certificates/credentials are also free of charge to job candidates, employees and independent contractors. An exam retake may be considered under exceptional conditions. Exam retake consideration is not offered to all candidates and is not standard NHE policy. An authorized 'second admin' is not considered a retake as it is a different exam. View exam score relevance per job title.

4) NHE Professional Code of Conduct Questionnaire (PCC)
No required fees or travel requirements. Questionnaire is administered online. 100 questions. Questionnaire and processing are free of charge. Certain NHE job positions do not require this particular expertise evaluation questionnaire.

4-A) Recruitment Decision Follow Up:
Job candidates are required to request a recruitment decision no later than one (1) week after receiving the exam processing results from the NHE exam department. Any recruitment decision request falling outside this parameter will be denied, as your HR file would have been closed on the eighth day. Your recruitment decision request must be sent directly to the NHE manager/director/supervisor who originally authorized recruitment component #3 and with whom you are presently working [not the HR department in general].

Component #5 is reserved for HR approved candidates (new hirers).

5) Final Tier Consultation (FTC)
This is the conclusion of the recruitment process. Those advancing to recruitment component #5 are officially NHE new hirers. This recruitment component consists of a person-to-person meeting (90-120 mins) involving new hire procedures, affiliate location approval/allocation, protocols and/or logistical confirmation(s), candidate questions, etc. Video conferencing is available. A verification process of all job viabilities (i.e. work schedule, region/tier allocation, compensation and/or logistical assessment) is concluded during this consultation session.

RP521) Job candidates who satisfy recruitment components 1-4 automatically advance to recruitment component #5.
The following recruitment process pertains to those under consideration for a service provider, educational composition or managerial job title. Service provider job titles (e.g. PFMS, PWC, FA, ECI) may require a higher MTC exam score than other NHE job titles. View below for details relating to MTC exam score requirements for a specific job title.

Recruitment Components
#1, #2, #3, and #4 are qualification evaluation components. Component #5 is reserved for HR approved candidates.
All qualified job candidates are afforded an equal opportunity to complete the NHE recruitment process.

Updated 07/2017: Online exam answer sharing is now closely monitored, resulting in many zero exam scores. There is no appeal process for those deemed to be participants in this epidemic.

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