How We Select Our Employees.

Stage 1: Resume or CV.
Your professional resume must be submitted directly to NHE or via a major job resume company (e.g. LinkedIn, Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed). A CV may be submitted at anytime.

Stage 2:  Preliminary Interview (10-20 minutes).
To be considered for an NHE job position, a candidate most possess at least one of the following attributes:

- A four year or post graduate degree (e.g. exercise science/physiology; kinesiology; nutrition; sports medicine)
- Successful fitness accomplishment (e.g. amateur bodybuilder, fitness/endurance competitor; collegiate athlete)
- Successful career accomplishment (e.g. fitness trainer, athletic trainer, nutritional consultant, clinician, tenured professor; professional athlete; published fitness/health author, professional bodybuilder, etc.)

Stage 3:  NHE Master Trainer Certification Exam- [MTC Exam] (Allotted 3 hours)**.
The sole purpose of the NHE MTC online exam is to evaluate your level of professionalism, not to assist in any effort associated to becoming an NHE certified personal trainer or certified master trainer. Job candidates are not required to be NHE certified. At any time when a job candidate earns an NHE Personal Trainer Certification or Master Trainer Certification as a result of successfully satisfying the NHE online exam recruitment requirement, it is a consequential occurrence. The credential itself is not a job requirement. However, the MTC exam is a recruitment requirement as it is highly effective in assisting those who will ascertain your overall level of fitness/health expertise. Candidates whose MTC online exam performance falls below the minimum passing requirement are deemed underqualified to represent NHE in any capacity. Furthermore, those who represent NHE in a consultation capacity (one of the highest in NHE academia) must minimally possess the knowledge level to successfully pass the exam that correlates with the credential NHE is most recognized for, the MTC. It would be unreasonable to require NHE students to pass an exam NHE's own employees/associates could not pass. In conjunction with the aforementioned NHE recruitment priorities, the exam requirement also ensures NHE avoids qualification hypocrisy in relation to its credential programs and recruiting process.

All NHE exams are administered free of charge to job candidates. NHE job candidates are tested for competency in various fitness, nutrition and health topics. The NHE MTC exam is also evaluated to assist NHE in ascertaining a candidate's level of professionalism. Only one MTC exam will be considered for employment purposes. Due to widespread abuse, retake exams are no longer granted to job candidates.

Stage 4: NHE Professional Code of Conduct Questionnaire [PCC] (90 minutes).
The PCC is another recruitment tool utilized to help NHE ascertain a candidate's level of professionalism. It is a probability analysis focusing exclusively on professional conduct, professional ethics, behaviorism and ambition.

Stage 5: Final Tier Consultation (new hires only)- 2 options available (2 hours).
1) Physical location: Marriott Resort- 50 Enterprise, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656. Saturdays only, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm only.
2) Virtual : For U.S. residents outside the Southern California area or living abroad. All virtual set-up fees are paid by NHE.

Telecommunication Options:
Recruitment Process
Human Resources Department

1) Resume or CV
A  resume or CV must contain relevant professional experience or relevant courses of academic study.

2) Online Preliminary Interview
An initial assessment of your expertise. In the event the primary online preliminary  interview webpage becomes 'overloaded' or 'slow', you may access the secondary online form here.

3) NHE Master Trainer Certification Exam (MTC exam) [Weekend Online Administration Only]
No required fees or travel requirements. The sole purpose of the NHE MTC online exam is to evaluate your level of professionalism, not to assist in any effort associated to becoming an NHE certified personal trainer or certified master trainer. Job candidates are not required to be NHE certified (view 'How we select our employees' below). For job candidates and affiliates only, the exam is administered online. The job candidate version consists of 230 fitness, health and nutrition related exam questions.  The exam must be administered within thirty (30) days upon being granted authorization to do so. The online exam, exam processing and any credential earned as a consequence of passing the exam are all free of charge. There are no retake exams. However, you may reschedule any exam date providing the new date falls within the thirty day exam administration deadline.

4) NHE Professional Code of Conduct Questionnaire [Online Administration Only]
No required fees or travel requirements. Questionnaire is administered online. 100 questions. Questionnaire and processing are free of charge.

Recruitment Decision Follow Up:
Job candidates are required to request a recruitment decision no later than one (1) week after receiving the exam processing results from the NHE exam department. Any recruitment decision request falling outside this parameter will be denied, as your HR file would have been closed on the eighth day. Your recruitment decision request must be sent, specifically, to the NHE manager/director/supervisor who originally authorized recruitment component #3 and with whom you are presently working [not the HR department in general].

Component #5 is reserved for HR approved candidates (new hirers).

5) Final Tier Consultation
This is the conclusion of the recruitment process. Those advancing to recruitment component #5 are officially NHE new hirers. This recruitment component consists of a person-to-person meeting (90-120 mins) involving new hire procedures, affiliate location approval/allocation, protocols and/or logistical confirmation(s), etc. Video conferencing is available. A verification process of all job viabilities (i.e. work schedule, region/tier allocation, compensation and/or logistical assessment) is also conducted.

Job candidates who satisfy recruitment components 1-4 automatically advance to recruitment component #5. There are no traditional interviews associated to NHE recruitment. To prevent personal prejudices, subjective-based decision making, personality preferences and all other HR personnel anomalies from entering into the recruitment equation, we have chosen to omit traditional interviews from the NHE recruitment process. No one individual will stand between a deserving, qualified job candidate and an open NHE job. If you are an exceptional professional and know your stuff, we want you here. Nothing else matters.
NHE Recruitment Process (Updated June 2015)

Recruitment Components
#1, #2, #3, and #4 are qualification evaluation components. Component #5 is reserved for HR approved candidates.
* The entire NHE Recruitment process is posted on this webpage. There are no additional requirements and there are no deviations from what is posted here. This lengthy evaluation process may be more extensive than most fitness companies, however we have found it to be the fairest, most non-discriminatory recruiting process. Since its inception fifteen years ago, no one has ever been denied employment due to race, age, gender, physical appearance/disability or sexual orientation because the 'face to face' comes after one has been officially hired on. Recruitment decisions are based on expertise and professionalism only. This is a verifiable fact.

** An ‘authorized’ exam status is equivalent to a ‘passing score’. An ‘unauthorized’ exam status is equivalent to a ‘non-passing score’. A 'DENIAL' status is valid for a period of five (5) years. During this period, no NHE hiring manager may submit your HR file to the NHE Human Resources department for employment re-consideration.

NHE reserves the right to rescind any job offer type, at anytime, in the event a candidate has raised a professional, ethical or academic cause for concern. At no time is anyone guaranteed employment prior to the receipt of an official NHE job offer letter via U.S.P.S.
NHE Recruitment Components (1-5)*