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NHE Recruitment Process
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Wellness expertise is what we sell at NHE. Promoting and selling professional fitness expertise is at the core of the NHE wellness service business model. Job candidate expertise is our primary interest in relation to expanding the NHE fitness professional network. The NHE recruitment protocol focuses exclusively on professional and academic expertise. ​To be considered for employment, you must prove you once acquired knowledge (e.g. college degree or certification). To be employed, you must prove you have retained that knowledge.Those possessing little to no professional or academic fitness expertise are advised not to initiate the NHE recruitment protocol for an open NHE position.

NHE Master Trainer Certification Exam- [Expertise Exam] (Allotted 3 hours).
All exams are administered free of charge. Any NHE employee associated with evaluating, processing, developing, managing, proctoring or instructing an NHE wellness program, or providing consultation, advice or instruction relating to an NHE wellness program, is required to take the NHE Master Trainer Certification Exam (MTC). Performing minimally, in accordance to our new hire expertise standards, reassures our affiliate members and wellness clients that your fitness and health beliefs, comprehension and application practices adhere to the NHE Valuation Protocol. Additionally, NHE must be assured that you currently possess an accurate comprehension of fitness, health and nutrition. There are no exam retakes. View exam score relevance per job title.

Have Questions?
Please review the NHE recruitment protocol in its entirety prior to seeking employment consideration. If you have questions, you may contact the NHE HR division. At that time, a preliminary NHE HR File page will be created on your behalf. A preliminary HR File page is a password protected, job candidate recruitment status page. It becomes part of the job candidate's permanent HR File. Any/All questions presented by the candidate must be considered during the overall evaluation process. Therefore, any questions presented by the candidate must be transferred over to, and represented on, his/her permanent NHE HR File. Due to the limited number of HR personnel and the volume of resumes, you may be required to leave a voice message. When leaving a voice or text message, simply leave your name and request a preliminary HR file. Once created and online, your preliminary HR file link will be sent to you via text message.

Recruitment Process

The following NHE Recruitment Protocol is current and accurate for open positions only. At anytime an NHE job title is no longer considered 'open', the following recruitment protocol will remain active only to those who have scheduled an MTC exam. Any 'closed' job title will be tagged with an 'Effective On' date, contained on the job description page. Providing your MTC exam registration was received prior to any closed job title's 'Effective On' date, the NHE Recruitment Protocol will be honored. A job title will be closed upon the satisfaction of the service provider acquisition target (EP, PWC, PFMS), host country service obligations (ECI) or in the event there becomes a geographical market saturation concern (IAAM).

Due to the volume of fitness resumes received from various job sites (e.g. LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc.), of which many contain very little fitness expertise, the NHE Recruitment Protocol has been reprioritized. Beginning January 2018, the NHE Recruitment Process has been reduced from 5 steps to 4. The thirty minute phone interview requirement has been eliminated. Many of the questions asked during the phone interview have been embedded into the MTC exam, which is now the initial expertise verification requirement, not the last.

The following recruitment protocol pertains to those seeking consideration for a service provider, educational composition or managerial job title. Service provider job titles (e.g. PFMS, PWC, ECI) may require a higher MTC exam score than other NHE job titles. There are no entry-level job openings. Those possessing less than three years fitness experience (workplace or academia) are strongly advised to read the expertise requirements of the job title before requesting employment consideration.

The following four recruitment stages make up the NHE Hiring Protocol in its entirety.

Stage 1) Expertise Exam - MTC Exam (All positions)
No required fees or travel requirements, pass or fail. Administered online. The MTC (empl. version) for job candidates contains 230 exercise science and nutrition based questions. An exam retake will not be an option. A retake exam is considered any exam administered within 24 months of the initial exam. Upon scheduling an MTC exam, a preliminary NHE HR File page is created. A preliminary HR File page is a password protected, recruitment status page containing the candidate's HR File ID, all job particulars and a Question Field Box to have all candidate inquiries addressed by HR.

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Stage 2) Vetting Questionnaire (VQ) or NHE Online Resume (OR)
You must possess an NHE HR File ID prior to submitting an NHE Vetting Questionnaire. Your HR File ID is contained on your preliminary HR File Page. A preliminary HR File Page is sent to you via text upon the receipt of your MTC exam online registration date. Select a date via stage 1 (above). You may also submit an online resume in lieu of a VQ. Despite receiving your original resume/CV for review via a job/resume site, the submittal of an NHE VQ or NHE online resume via the NHE site is required so that HR may consider your expertise in association to a specific job title. The submittal of an NHE VQ or NHE online resume requires the selection of a job title. A job title association is not made upon receiving your original resume, therefore its consideration is not a viable option. HR does not recommend job titles for job candidates based on resumes received. It is the responsibility of each job candidate to ascertain an expertise correlation based on a specific job title description. Although your original resume may be in the NHE resume database, the submittal of an NHE VQ or NHE online resume will enable HR to properly consider your expertise in a manner relevant to a specific job title.

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Stage 3) HR Review
Upon the processing of your MTC exam and vetting questionnaire, your preliminary HR File will either be 'Denied' or Affirmed'. If denied, that will conclude the recruitment process on your behalf. If affirmed, a permanent NHE HR File Page is created. Once online, the job candidate will be required to schedule an FTC (Final Tier Consultation). This recruitment stage consists of a person-to-person meeting (30-45 mins, video conference) involving pre-hire procedures, affiliate location approval/allocation (if applicable), protocols and/or logistical confirmation(s). Additionally, all job viabilities are addressed at this time (i.e. work schedule, workload commitment, compensation protocols and job commencement date).

Stage 4) HR Review Finalization (New Hire)
Providing there are no issues relating to the candidate’s comprehension with his/her job responsibilities or compensation, an official NHE job offer is made at the conclusion of the FTC. The job offer is confirmed and posted to the new hires TOA Page. A job offer letter and BIA (biennial agreement) is attached to the new hire’s TOA page for review and approval. Once the BIA agreement has been signed and received by NHE, the new hire's TOA page converts to his/her NHE Representative Page. Contained therein, are all job related protocols, task tutorials and all current fitness program assignments. There is no training program.

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